Evergreen Money Pages – My Credo

Back in the day it was pretty easy to rank a web page or blog post on page one of Google. ‘Back in the day’ for me translates to 2004!

If you had some basic Search Engine Optimization skills, knew how to get back links to your site it was easy.

If you were a tiny bit more knowledgeable it was drop dead simple! Throw up some sites and web pages put some ads on them and Boom! Ongoing revenue.

Consequently Spammy sites were the norm and people got rich quick!

But then things started to change. Google began constantly updating their search algorithm ( the formula they use to decide who gets ranked and where) and sites that were earning me a thousand dollars a month in advertising revenue disappeared from page one of the search results and so did my income. Because the Good Guys got hit just as bad as the Spammers!

It was then that I decided I would never rely solely on search engine traffic again. Traffic that could be taken away from me on the whim of a multi billion dollar company.

What made better sense to me was to build my OWN traffic source i.e. a list of subscribers I could email to with ideas, topics and information that would interest them and that they would find useful.

I could send them to a Blog post I’d written or a YouTube video I had recorded and in today’s world of search engine rankings that in itself gets my posts and videos ranked higher and if they bought some of the tools or training I had found useful myself then so much the better.

Now my target niche is those people, maybe somebody like you, who intend to make money online and I have no problem in giving them, and you, full transparency as to what I do online to achieve that in my life. “But they could just copy everything you do!” you might say and I’d reply, “Fine by me!”

The Make Money Online niche is just one of hundreds, thousands of audiences hungry for information. Health, Wealth, Happiness are our primary concerns but each of those can be broken down into sub niches and each of those sub niches broken down into hundreds more.

Take my chosen niche for example. Making Money Online could be broken down into sub niches like:

Making Money:

  • on YouTube
  • on Instagram
  • on Facebook
  • on Amazon or Shopify
  • by Blogging
  • by publishing a book on Kindle

and on and on.

Other markets are the same. Losing weight, finding a life partner, training a dog. They can all be broken down into multiple target audiences each one more and more specific. Lose weight after pregnancy, find a life partner for the over sixties, training a Dachshund.

The trick, if you can call it that, is to be honest and a straight shooter. In other words there’s no ‘trick’. Provide great content, review stuff that works for you ( or your Dachshund!), recommend it to your audience and a percentage will take you at your word and buy and use a product that you recommend.

That, to me, is honest customer centered affiliate marketing done right!

Or recommend a product you create yourself. I have a few under my belt and am working on one right now that I KNOW will help my subscribers get to where they want to be faster.

Now I get bombarded, every day, from marketers promoting stuff to me and I know they haven’t used or applied whatever they are pitching. The only emails I get from them is: ‘Buy This‘ and the next day, ‘Buy that’. Sound familiar?

I hope you find my emails to you refreshingly different. Not on my list yet? SIGN ON HERE!

In fact save those emails to a folder in your email provider and get a feel of how I try and provide value to my subscribers so you can emulate that when setting up YOUR Evergreen Money Pages.

So that, in a nutshell, is my business ethos and credo and I hope it resonates with you.