Best Autoresponder Redirect Settings – Options

[ Autoresponder: A computer program that automatically returns a pre-written message, or series of messages, to anyone who submits an email to a particular Internet address]

The first email your new subscriber will receive from your Autoresponder service will be the ‘Thank You’ Email directing them to the Delivery Page to access their Free Gift.

They will have been directed to that page immediately after sign up so this is, if you like, a courtesy email and reminder.

Then they will receive a second email a few minutes after that giving them info on how to get the ‘unnanounced’ second Free Gift. This however is optional.

IMPORTANT: When setting up the ‘list’ or ‘campaign’ inside your AutoResponder I choose NOT to set the Double Optin option – meaning they get an email asking them to agree to go on your list and only once they’ve done that will they receive your messages – instead I choose the Single Optin option so they will receive my first 2 emails straight away.

Once done I’ll set the first two emails in the sequence ( more on adding further emails in later posts) here’s me setting up the first:


The second email, delivered just a few minutes later will be something along the lines of:

You may have seen these emails yourself – although I may have tweaked them a bit – and there truly is NO catch. I want to totally over deliver to my Subscribers and you should too.

The second email you’ll note asks for them to reply to you. The reason for that is that when somebody replies to your autoresponder email address it helps keep your future emails out of their Spam folder.

You can do similar in your niche ( don’t worry you don’t have to create a full on membership site – it could be something as simple as giving them access to a Facebook Group).

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Simply put, if you do not have an Autoresponder account set up I’m afraid that the Evergreen Money Pages system will simply not work. At a pinch you could use it without web hosting maybe, but an Autoresponder is pivotal to creating income.

Being able to set up and send automated, or one off, emails to your list of Subscribers is paramount to your online success.


I have been a full time affiliate marketer for over 12 years. As a product creator - training and software - I have had successes and failures. My Evergreen Money Pages system has helped raise my game from the standard 'Feast or Famine' mindset to one of continuing growth in my business. I hope my honest and fully transparent training will help you to emulate that in your online career :-)

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